A Witch in Time by Madelyn Alt

By Madelyn Alt

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It was just a part of her, a very positive, very para-spooky part of her. One that I could only hope to emulate myself one day. It could come in handy, at that. More and more I thought of Liss as a second mother ... only one who was utterly unbiased save for a bighearted wish to help and a goodly dose of love. My own mother could have learned a thing or two from that. I love my mom, mind you, but Holy-Mary-Mother-of-God, that woman really knows how to push my buttons. God love her. The Goddess, too.

Mom, you remember Marcus. He’s Marian Tabor’s nephew. You’ve met him before. ” Her smile was pained. ” “Marcus, in case you don’t remember, this is my mother. ” “A pleasure, Mrs. O’Neill. ” I asked quickly. ” Attempting to divert her attention away from me and Marcus was self-defense at its best. Anything I could do that would keep her from picking at me for the next who knew how many hours had to be worth the effort. Besides, I really did want to know. My redirection worked, because instantly, Concerned Mom switched places with Annoyed Mom.

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