A review of the literature published between September 1978 by J R Hanson; Royal Society of Chemistry

By J R Hanson; Royal Society of Chemistry

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N. Ganguly, G . K. Trivedi, and S . C. Bhattacharyya, Indian J. , Sect. B, 1978, 16, 20, 23. 91 92 93 94 B. Tomita and Y. Hirose, Phytochemistry, 1973, 12, 1409. P. J. Carrol, E. L. Ghisalberti, and D. E. Ralph, Phytochemistry, 1976, 15,777. S. Manabe, K. Wakamatsu, Y. Hirata, and K. Yamada, Tetrahedron, 1979, 35, 1925. H. J. Liu and W. H. Chan, Can. J. , 1979, 57,708. ” For compounds belonging to the so-called isocedrane class, see p. 99. 95 K. Rajendran, S. K. Paknikar, G. K. Trivedi, andS. C.

Sesq uiterpe noids n 45 r-l 0 5 - NC NC -CO,Me C0,Me (285) X I , XI1 (286) 1x Et0,C OAc 0 JxIII-xv xvi, xvii xviii-xx ___3 Me02C fi 0 0 OH xxi-xxiii 0 - H0,C H 1 1 xxiv xxv H xxvi,v,xvi xxvii H 0 0 H 11 Reagents: i, LDA; ii, BrCH,CGCSiMe,; iii, KOH-MeOH; iv, CO,; v, CH,N,; vi, aq. HCl; vii, Et,N; viii, H,-Pd/BaCO,; ix, BrZnCH,CO,Et; x, NaOMe; xi, B,H,; xii, Ac,O-py; xiii, NBS; xiv, LiBr-Li,CO,-DMF; xv, K2CO3; xvi, pyH+CrO,Cl-; xvii, 2- HO I--Et,N; xviii, K,CO,-MeOH-H,O; xix, NaBH,; xx, PPh,-Me0,CN=NC02Me; xxi, HCl-MPOH; xxii, 0,; xxiii, MeSH-BF,; xxiv, Raney Ni; xxv, aq.

Ohtsuka, H. Hashimoto, Y. Ohfune, H . Shirahama, and T. , p. 35. Sesquiterpenoids 4' q-j , H 41 R' . ' ' H y--' ' (261) R1 = Me, R2 = OH (262) R' = OH, R2 = Me (263) R',R2 = =CH2 mechanism shown in Scheme 39 has been suggested to account for the different deuterium labelling patterns. Compounds (266) and (267) are formed from the trimercurated species (271a) in which a transannular l$-hydride shift has taken place. Products (268)-(270) are formed by ring contraction from (271b) with subsequent demercuration or hydroxylation.

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