A List of Successes That Can Change the World: Essays by Sam Lindley, Conor McBride, Phil Trinder, Don Sannella

By Sam Lindley, Conor McBride, Phil Trinder, Don Sannella

This quantity is released in Honor of Philip Wadler at the celebration of his sixtieth birthday, and the gathering of papers shape a Festschrift for him. The contributions are made by means of a few of the many that recognize Phil and feature been prompted via him. The examine papers integrated the following signify many of the components within which Phil has been energetic, and the editors thank their colleagues for agreeing to give a contribution to this Festschrift. we try to summarize Phil Wadler's medical achievements. moreover, we describe the non-public kind and exuberance that Phil has delivered to the subject.

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In: Gibbons, J. ) Generic and Indexed Programming. LNCS, vol. 7470, pp. 1–46. : Symmetric lenses. In: POPL, pp. 371–384. : Spans of lenses. : Composing monads. : Combining monads. In: Proceedings of the 1992 Glasgow Workshop on Functional Programming, pp. : Monad transformers and modular interpreters. In: POPL, pp. : Monadic combinators for “putback” style bidirectional programming. In: PEPM, pp. 39–50. ACM (2014). org/10. : Notions of computation determine monads. , Engberg, U. ) FOSSACS 2002.

5 (Base Map). right. 6 (Bisimulation Equivalence). A bisimulation of M -lens spans sp 1 :: [A S1 B ]M and sp 2 :: [A S2 B ]M is a M -lens span B ]M where R ⊆ S1 × S2 and fst is a base map from sp to sp 1 sp :: [A R and snd is a base map from sp to sp 2 . We write sp 1 ≡b sp 2 when there is a ♦ bisimulation of spans sp 1 and sp 2 . Figure 2 illustrates the three equivalences diagrammatically. 7. Each of the relations ≡i , ≡s and ≡b are equivalence relations on compatible spans of M -lenses and satisfy (Identity), (Assoc) and (Cong).

8 F. Abou-Saleh et al. mcreate } Note that we consider only the simple case in which the lenses share a common monad μ. Composing lenses with effects in different monads would require determining how to compose the monads themselves, which is nontrivial (King and Wadler 1992; Jones and Duponcheel 1993). 5. If l1 :: [A l1 ; l2 . 3 B ]M , l2 :: [B C ]M are well-behaved, then so is ♦ Symmetric Monadic Lenses and Spans Hofmann et al. (2011) proposed symmetric lenses that use a complement to store (at least) the information that is not present in both views.

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