13 Mississippi Ghosts and Jeffrey by Kathryn Tucker Windham

By Kathryn Tucker Windham

Money owed of ghostly and non secular happenings at 13 destinations all through Mississippi.

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The stories were all similar, and they were all in accord on the major details. When the detectives compiled their findings, they realized that the light always reportedly appeared at the same location: all the crews saw the light near Dr. Rowan's old home on the edge of town. The investigators began asking questions about the place. They learned that the house had been vacant for some time but that it remained completely furnished, even to the medical instruments and the classical library of its builder.

Meantime, he aimed to use guerrilla tactics against any Confederate forces that ventured into his territory, roughly Jones and part of Jasper counties. A goodly scattering of other Piney Woods natives shared Knight's views. More and more of them took unofficial leave from Confederate service and quietly came back home. Many of them joined what became known as Newt Knight's Company, and by late 1862 Captain Newton Knight reportedly had 125 men under his command. These men pledged unwavering loyalty to Knight.

She was looking, as she had for so long, across the yard toward the road. Some people who saw the image said it was a natural phenomenon, that a flash of lightning had imprinted Catherine's likeness on the wet glass in the same way that a photographer takes a picture on film. It was all quite logical, though an extremely rare occurrence, they said. " For years, until the pane was broken, these people would gesture toward the window and say, "There she is. " Page 26 If the window is broken and the likeness of an eternally hopeful young woman is no longer visible, there is another ghost at Cold Spring, a ghostly legend about the builder of the house.

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